Avalokiteshvara Art Gallery

Avalokiteshvara Art Gallery is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. We specialized in providing high-quality Avalokiteshvara art in Tibetan and Newari style.

Our main vision is to provide Avalokiteshvara art that will inspire your practice and devotion and helps your concentration. And easy to focus on your visualization. It has all the correct emblems, attributes, and iconography.

Avalokiteshvara is visualized in many forms with various numbers of faces and arms, and various colors and ornaments. He sits on a lotus and the flat disc of the moon with another moon disk behind him, reflecting his total purity. Two of his four arms are joined in the prayer position holding the wish-fulfilling gem.

We also take customized orders according to your vision and need. If you have such requirements please contact us.


Avalokiteshvara Art Gallery

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